Our Mission is to dispel the illusion of separation by exploring the ways we are connected to each other and the universe and to be a catalyst for bringing about a collective force for Our Next Evolution (O.N.E.) by way our Infinite Hearts.

ONENESS Movement Goals

  • Create a more loving, wise, purposeful world.
  • Initiate respect for all kingdoms in nature and the planet
  • Help the Infinite Heart symbol become a globally recognized and accepted symbol for humanity’s Oneness so upon seeing it, we will consciously be reminded of the Oneness we all share.
  • Take the Consciousness Movement to a whole new level through videos, webinars, articles, meditations, and education.
  • Create an extensive resource for all Lightworkers, where people and organizations can share their ideas for promoting Oneness along with their products and services. The possibilities are only limited by our imagination and, with an infinite imagination, the possibilities are infinite.These are just some of the goals of the Oneness Movement.

Possibilities of the ONENESS Movement


IMAGINE A LIGHTWORKERS’ SYMPHONY: Imagine that all Lightworkers are like individual musicians playing their solos, with their separate instruments, for their own particular audience. Their music is beautiful and they all have similar themes of light like the individual colors of the rainbow. Now imagine what would happen when they came together, to play in a concert. Imagine the energy of these symphonies and the love frequencies of all the colors combined into ONE white light so bright that everyone exposed to it couldn’t help but have their consciousness lifted. Imagine how exciting it would be to see a live counter showing, in real-time on a website, the numbers of people worldwide who agree to be counted as part of such a symphonic, orchestrated movement.

Global Meditations


We suggest that Lightworkers all around the globe join us in meditations/prayers for humanity and the planet at: IFGT Global Meditations

If possible, you could also organize dates and times for additional meditations.  The focus could be  inner peace within each individual and seeing the Earth as one interconnected community sharing abundant health, happiness, healthy food and clean drinking water for all.

There Is No Competition

Right now, there are more people than ever before who are searching for higher truth, looking for ways to raise their consciousness, connect with their soul’s purpose and the Divine Plan for Humanity. There are many paths, many teachers and writers and many students. There is a path for each of us. There is no competition to bringing Light, Love and Wisdom into the world.

Each of us and every organization is needed to uplift consciousness on a global scale and there is great power where two or more are gathered. If we are able to celebrate our  different methods of journeying toward enlightenment, the powerful energy of all Lightworkers will tip the scales and humanity will be catapulted into a higher frequency of consciousness thus ushering in a new age of enlightenment.

These are just some of the aspects of the ONENESS MOVEMENT. If you believe we are ONE HUMANITY and you would like to add your name and energy to this movement, please Click Here. Our future is in our hands.