The Oneness Symbol

The Infinite Heart Oneness Symbol explained in the following video.

Creation and Symbolism of the Oneness Symbol 

Project Oneness, Infinite Heart, our next evolutionPhi, Quantum Physics, Kabbalah, Sacred Geometry, Spiritual Alchemy, and Higher Consciousness are all expressed in the Oneness Symbol. The Infinite Heart Oneness Symbol is the universal symbol for Oneness, Universal Unconditional Love, personal and global transformation and much more. It is a symbol that represents the infinite inner wisdom that is the essence of all humans and it helps us access our powerful Inner divine Essence.

Symbol for Oneness and Universal Love

Golden Ratio and Infinite HeartThe INFINITE HEART™ ONENESS symbol is based upon the Golden Mean Curve, also known as PHI, since it comes about as a result of the PHI RATIO.

The Golden Mean Curve is based on the mathematical ratio called Phi. It’s also called the God number or God ratio and is expressed by the Fibonacci curve. The curve is based on a specific sequence of numbers that go to infinity.  Phi is 1.618, and is the only number that both ads and multiplies to the same results.  It is found throughout nature, sacred geometry, and in ancient architecture.

Often, in nature, if the length is 1, the next segment will be 1.618, the next 2.618, and so on.  The whole numbers of the Fibonacci sequence start at  0, 1 ,1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, …, always adding the last two numbers.  The higher it gets the closer to the Phi ratio it becomes.

Phi, Consciousness, Oneness, Golden RatioOur purpose here is to share how the Infinite Heart® Oneness symbol opens a doorway to our inner hearts and expands our perception from duality, separation and scarcity, to oneness, community and infinite abundance. This new perception will eventually lead to Our Next Evolution, (O.N.E.), which is a spiritual, alchemical transformation from homo sapiens to homo spiritus.

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Where does unconditional Universal Love come from?

Not from our ego minds, that’s for sure. Traditionally, we’ve used a heart as the symbol for love, but what’s with that point at the bottom of the heart symbol? If you look at a picture of our real hearts, there is no point. The typical heart symbol represents human love because human love always has a point, or a condition. I’ll love you only if you get good grades, or make me proud, or never embarrass me, or have lots of money, or are beautiful or handsome, or never shout at me, and so on.

The universal symbol for oneness and unconditional love wouldn’t have a heart symbol with a point. Instead, it would have a nice smooth curve at the bottom. The curves making up the heart would be two connected golden mean curves, since the golden mean number called phi, is a number that continues on past the decimal point to infinity and never repeats itself. Two connected Phi symbols representing the unity of opposites like male and female would also represent the Hermetic axiom AS ABOVE SO BELOW.  Even a version of the yin-yang symbol would be visible inside the Oneness symbol, but it must expand the circle of the yin-yang, which represents the expansion of duality consciousness to Oneness consciousness. This would represent an expansion of perception from limited to unlimited.  

The first thing we think about when we say perception is something visual that we perceive with our eyes. The Infinite Heart symbol also has a stylized human face with two eyes, and perceived from above looking down, you see two heads touching with four arms stretched out holding hands, thus representing interconnectedness.

Is it a two-dimensional or a three-dimensional symbol?

As much as the flat two-dimensional symbol has multiple meanings, it’s just one perspective of a three-dimensional sphere. When the sphere is rotated to a particular perspective, one of the most profound sacred geometry symbols becomes visible: the Vesica Pisces, otherwise known as the fish sign. And it has two perfect circles inside representing another infinity.

See the 3D version on YouTube.

How could it be possible for all of this and more to be in one symbol? Because our imagination is infinite, nothing is impossible for the imagination.

Aspects of the Infinite Heart ONENESS Symbol

The Infinite Heart symbol is one of the most powerful and amazing symbols the universe has ever revealed. Its my feeling that its existence has remained hidden from humanity until now because only now has humanity’s overall consciousness reached that point where this symbol has meaning and can be utilized. The present state of world affairs has brought us to the point where a symbol of personal and global transformation is a must if we are to transform from Homo Sapiens to Homo Spiritus.

The Infinite Heart® symbol also contains many other hidden meanings:

  1. Infinity
  2. Infinite Love
  3. Vesica Pisces
  4. Fibonacci and golden mean ratio/curve
  5. Connection (two people touching heads and holding hands
  6. Transformation of perception by perceiving through the “eyes” of the inner heart
  7. The Inner Star
  8. Quantum physics: particle/wave dichotomy transformed to both
  9. Transformation of the limited human physical perceptions to the unlimited Infinite Heart® perception
  10. The symbol is a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional energy.
  11. The Inner-Star represents the implicate infinite potential from which all form and energies emanate (all form consists of various energies according to e = mc squared).
  12. The Infinite Heart represents the manifest universe that emanates from the Inner-Star.

This transformation is Our Next Evolution (O.N.E.) and, as the acronym suggests, it is the realization and manifestation of our oneness – our oneness with each other, planet Earth, and with the universe itself.

Until our transformation is complete, we need to utilize a symbol to remind us and help us focus during this global transition period. Our egos fight this transformation tooth and nail because they don’t want to lose control. Part of the transformation is transforming our lives from being manipulated by our egos to training our egos to operate in harmony with our Infinite Hearts.

Human evolution is taking a quantum leap in transformation into an understanding of our Oneness. The alchemical recipe for O.N.E. is a dash of quantum physics, with a handful of the perennial wisdom of ancient and modern metaphysics, mixed together in a container of pragmatism. This transformative energy creates a perfect balance of ingredients in the recipe and renders the Oneness of all humanity through our Infinite Hearts®.

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