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The Oneness Movement is a community of mindful, caring individuals, businesses, and organizations that want to help make the world a better place for all.

Right now there are more people than ever before who are interested in helping give birth to a new world paradigm of love, wisdom and purpose. We’re interested in building bridges, searching for higher truth, want to raise our consciousness, and connect with our purpose. If we are able to journey toward enlightenment together, the powerful energy of all those who want to make a difference in the world will tip the scales and humanity will be catapulted into a higher frequency of consciousness thus ushering in a new age of enlightenment.

I invite you to support this worthy cause by joining the movement. Help us take this grassroots movement to the next level, it’s free to join and you can earn some free awesome gifts.


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How you can help spread the message and grow the Oneness Movement. Ways you can be proactive.

  • First add your name to the movement by clicking here.
  • Spread word of the Oneness Movement by sharing a link to the website and blog articles with your family, friends, and social media connections. Use this URL:
  • Be proactive by talking about oneness and what it means to you at every opportunity you have. Click here for a blog article called DIFFICULT TIMES that gives an example of how Oneness perception helps in tough times.
  • Project Oneness INFINITE HEARTCopy and paste this image and your membership status on your social media sites and then tag someone(s) to join you and help you spread the message.
  • Have the Oneness symbol in some visible form or another as an important reminder of humanity’s Oneness. This will create awareness by exposing it to those who have never seen it or heard about it – it can help start a discussion. Additionally, if you wear a Oneness symbol you’ll find people often ask about it.
  • Post you stories, pictures, and comments on the Oneness Blog here.

Most important: Be an example. Walk your talk. Practice Oneness at every opportunity. A good example that often comes up is when you find yourself needing to be right and making someone else wrong. That’s ego. Ego only perceives. Replace your ego’s perception with Infinite Heart Oneness perception by perceiving the situation or disagreement from the other person’s standpoint.

To open our minds to higher perceptions and achieve a better life and world, we need to learn how to avoid the ego trap in which so many of us are caught. This trap leaves us wanting yes or no answers. Our ego wants us stuck in the either/or dichotomy: You’re either with me or against me; You’re either right or wrong; it’s either black or white; You’re either liberal or conservative, etc., etc., etc.

Step outside your ego by being aware of its nefarious tricks. For example, your ego might respond with, “Why shouldn’t s/he see the situation from my perspective?” Depending on the consciousness level of the other person, an amazing thing can happen. When they see that you are open to their perspective, they are apt to be more open to reciprocate by seeing your perspective. This is transformational. It’s a total paradigm shift that, as more people learn and practice this, will transform the world and expedite Our Next Evolution, O.N.E., by way of our Infinite Hearts.