Institute For Global Transformation®

 Institute For Global Transformation® (IFGT)


The Institute For Global Transformation™ is a global network of progressive, innovative thinkers who are working to reach our highest potential and awaken humanity to a higher state of consciousness in order to make the world a better place for everyone.

Change-Makers LogoWe call ourselves Change-Makers. We come from all walks of life, all races, education, religions, socioeconomic status, and spiritual development. We’re creating enlightened changes in our personal lives and through these changes, are together, creating a profound new world paradigm of love, wisdom, purpose and inclusiveness. We build bridges instead of walls, are concerned with helping the environment, bringing trust and transparency back to economics, healing social issues and relationships among people, communities and nations.

What unites us is an unleashed knowledge within our inner-most being that our individual and collective awakening can be accelerated by working together with others of like-mind to positively impact humanity and the planet. As humanity moves forward into this time of accelerated change and awakening, we’re experiencing major shifts, not only in the world but in our everyday lives and affairs. One of the Institute’s goals is to empower you to reach your highest potential so you may dip into the universal wellspring of knowledge and wisdom to create a life of joy, mindfulness, success, health, and abundance.  In so doing, you’re also creating a more loving, purposeful, wise, cooperative, and thriving world. Why is this important? Read more…