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Transforming Perception via
Your Infinite Heart

Infinite Heart Perspectives is a one-of-a-kind blog where you can see how applying the INFINITE HEART PERCEPTION, transform your experience of life. Here are some examples:

Human perception: You’re fighting with a loved one.

Infinite Heart (IH) perception: Using the Metaphysical axiom ALL IS ONE, you are no longer two egos battling it out to win while the other looses. Using the Practical axiom ALL IS PERCEPTION, you perceive the loving connection that motivates you to create a win win resolution. Using the Quantum axiom, ALL IS ENERGY, you move your energy frequency toward that of love, so you are both on the same wavelength of harmony.

Result: You have used the transformative power of your Infinite Heart and PRACTICAL QUANTUM METAPHYSICS (PQM) to step into a different dimension of interaction that brings peace to relationships.

conflictHuman perception: You’re about to loose your temper dealing with a stubborn child who just won’t obey.

IH perception: PRACTICAL/PERCEPTION and QUANTUM/ENERGY combined: transform from the negative perception of stubborn child who just won’t obey, to strong-willed child who might have leadership qualities if i can channel his energy properly. And, of course you use the METAPHYSICS/ONENESS by putting yourself in the child’s shoes and remembering what it was like to be a child.

Result: you have again used the transformative power of your Infinite Heart and PQM to find balance in being a strong, effective parent.

Human perception: You’re upset because the candidate you didn’t vote for got elected. You’re manipulated by Ego Perception – your ego mind thinks it knows what’s best and hates being wrong.

IH perception: This is a tough one and takes a lot of work for most people, particularly because politics is such a visceral, emotional endeavor. If you’re an atheist (i was an atheist once so it’s easy for me to empathize) it won’t work since it involves faith in the divine plan. Click here for an answer I wrote regarding the divine plan.

Here is another challenge: You’re asked to perceive something that cannot be perceived consciously.

This is the deepest IH perception, which when practiced, will lead to true transformation. God has to come into play here by realizing (making real) that God has a plan that’s better than the one our ego-mind perceives.

Result: You are not angry at the election results. You don’t feel animosity toward anyone who didn’t vote like you. On the contrary, using the axiom ALL IS ONE, you desire to connect with those who voted differently to create an interesting conversation that helps you understand them. That connection perception is the energy that brings you closer to experiencing oneness with someone on the opposite side of the political fence.

Examples could go on forever. If you feel like you’re getting the idea, try applying IH perception the next time you start feeling that knot of frustration in your solar plexus.

You’re invited to add your positive energy to the Oneness Movement and help others by responding how you might handle some of these situations with IH perception:

  1. When you get cut off by another driver
  2. When you’re stuck in traffic
  3. When you’re having computer/tech issues like forgotten passwords and/or usernames
  4. When you or a loved one gets sick or dies.
  5. When going through a divorce or bankruptcy
  6. add your own ideas




  1. Thank you for this wonderful blog. All this information confirms what I aim to accomplish whenever I get into situations like the examples above. It also gives me a broader perspective of what I can add in dealing with scenarios like these . This is very helpful to me and I’m sure all!

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