Why I believe in Oneness

Oneness Movement


On September 28, 2008, bestselling author of the CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD series, and spiritual teacher, Neale Donald Walsch wrote a heartfelt blog titled WHY I BELIEVE SO STRONGLY IN ONENESS. To read the full article, click on this link , then return here.

Neale wrote in the article, “There is no separation of any kind between anything and anything,” and “The truth is that separation does not exist.”

Separation Is An Illusion

Neale continues, “This is what I was told in THE NEW REVELATIONS – A Conversation with God:  I was told that the only way for the world to “get it” was Education.”


Connecting with Change-Makers“What is the solution to the world’s dilemma?, I asked God, and god replied, ‘Education, education, education.'”

These are some of the reasons why the Oneness Movement is possibly the most important movement in the world. The Oneness Movement educates and trains as many people as possible to begin perceiving the truth that, as Neale concluded in his article: “We are all One.”

How can we learn to see past
the seemingly all pervasive illusion of separation?

The answer: by training ourselves to perceive with our Infinite Heart. Infinite Heart Perception perceives the connection between everything. It trains people to open the “eyes” of their Infinite Heart.

We Can Do This – Oneness Education

Infinite Heart, our next evolutionIf you believe we can do this, you’re right. Become part of the solution. Join the Oneness Movement, which is one of the most important and greatest opportunities to transform our lives through ONENESS perception and education.

If you believe this is a fantasy and that we can’t change human nature, that’s okay too. You’re still one with all. Eventually you’ll see it happening more and more as the Oneness Movement expedites Our Next Evolution – O.N.E.

You can begin by spreading the Message of the Oneness symbol in every way possible.

How the Oneness Symbol came about.