Oneness Perception Training

Oneness Perception Training™ (O.P.T.) Introduction

Oneness Movement INFINITE HEARTDo you think the world is a better place today than it was ten or thirty years ago? What about a hundred years ago? What about a thousand?

Some people will tell you they long for the past – the times when life was “simpler”. Other people will tell you that they long for a future – where science and technology have solved all of our human problems and our worldly difficulties.

But I say that we’ve had fantastic technological advances since the industrial revolution and some of these advances have already shifted or changed the course and face of our lives and our planet! But we don’t all appear to be equally satisfied with the world as it exists today…

So… perhaps more “change” is not what we need.
Oh but yes it is, you might argue.

But it’s not “science” and “technology” that we have to change and improve.  It is basic human nature that leads us to the source of the problem – and it appears that it has always been that way. And that’s what we need to transform human nature.

We Need to Learn How to Use Oneness Perception.

Oneness Perception Training™ – New Frontiers – Transformation vs. Change. Will “change” ever work?

When you convert from one religion to another, you change. And religions have tried to change us and have succeeded in many ways – some good and some not as good…

Overall though, human nature seems to have remained largely the same. We still squabble and fight among ourselves from the micro, one on one level – all the way up the food chain to the macro, international level.

When we can begin to determine the extremely important distinction between being what we generally consider “religious” in our belief structure and become instead “spiritual”, we can begin to transform. Transformation is what we require. And now.

Oneness Perception Training™ and Our Next Evolution (O.N.E.)

Human evolution is taking a quantum leap in transformation – from Homo Sapien to Homo Spiritus. This is Our Next Evolution, (O.N.E.) an evolution into an understanding of Oneness. The alchemical recipe for O.N.E. is a dash of quantum physics, with a handful of the perennial wisdom of ancient and modern metaphysics, mixed together in a container of pragmatism. The transformative energy that creates a perfect balance of ingredients in the recipe, and renders the oneness of our Infinite Heart™. The name of this recipe is Oneness Perception Training™ or O.P.T. for short.

Oneness Perception Training™

Life is about relationships. How you relate to yourself, to other people, other things and to the universe. OPT is a recipe for achieving and maintaining balance, perspective and transformation in your relationships.

The OPT recipe requires an open mind to hold the various ingredients. Into this container we pour the perennial wisdom of ancient and modern metaphysics -along with a small dose of the science of quantum physics. As you absorb and integrate these ingredients – an alchemical process/pattern will occur from within and without your own conscious experience – rendering a Practical Balance and Presence of Mind – that is uniquely unlike anything most of us have previously experienced.