Our Next Evolution (O.N.E.) via our Infinite Heart

Right now, there are more people than ever before who are searching for higher truth, looking for ways to raise their consciousness and connect with their soul’s purpose. We want to live in a more loving, compassionate, cooperative and peaceful world.

We don’t see any competition to bringing Light into the world. We are bridge-builders, understanding that each Lightworker is needed to uplift consciousness on a global scale and, as we know by focusing our intention, we create a tremendously powerful focus that is making it happen.

If we are able to celebrate our differences in our journey toward enlightenment, the powerful energy of all Lightworkers will tip the scales and humanity will be catapulted into a higher frequency of consciousness thus ushering in a new age of enlightenment for all humanity.

Dr. Michael Mason, aka Doctor Oneness, shares with you: Why I believe so strongly in Oneness

Dr. Mason shares how the Oneness Movement came about.

These are just some of the aspects of the ONENESS movement. We invite you to add your energy and name to this movement. Become part of our community and help us move humanity closer to Our Next Evolution (O.N.E.). Together, we’ll create a new world paradigm of Love, Wisdom, and Purpose. So let’s get started; add your name now. Click Here.

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